Shipping policy

Shipping terms

Within Germany

Orders with dry goods only: 2-5 days

Orders with frozen products: 2-7 days

Outside Germany/ Within EU

Orders with dry goods only: 4-7 days

Shipping conditions

Here at Shochiku Online-Shop you can pay for the items either by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. If you order by bank transfer, we will process your order after we have received your money in our account.

Delivery (by DPD) is not only possible to German addresses, but EU-wide.

Within Germany

Orders with dry goods only:

over 50€ and down 31.50kg = free of charge

under 50€ or over 31.50kg = €4,99

This is carried out with DPD from Monday to Friday.

Orders with frozen products: €12,90, or €17,89

If your order contains one or more frozen products, €12.90 will automatically be added to the shipping costs.

Orders with frozen product are only carried out with DPD Express from Wednesday or Thursday.

Under €50

Over €50

Under €50

Over €50

dry goods



Only dry goods

Free of charge

With frozen products



Total Shipping costs


Free of charge



Frozen product is delivered in polystyrene boxes. To ensure quality, we put dry ice in the box with the products. After opening the box, please place the frozen product immediately in the freezer or refrigerator.

If there is a delay after delivery for any reason, please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of the products.

Frozen product cannot be returned or refunded.

Outside Germany / Within EU

Frozen product can only be shipped within Germany.

area 2.

Shipping outside Germany with DPD (31.50Kg ↓)

- Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria = 11.90 €

- Denmark, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic = 13.50 €

- France, Monaco = 15.50 €

- Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary = 18.00 €

area 3.

Shipping outside Germany with DPD

( depending on weights)

- Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Portugal = from 23.02 €

- Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway = from 27.69 €

- Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia = from 33.87 €

- Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Iceland = from 38.90 €